Rent Entire Premises

Terms and Conditions

Base Cost for 2 Hours: $ Starting at $300 and up (depending on day and time).
The base cost includes cleaning at the end of the party.
Party hosts and guests are allowed to enter 15 minutes prior to the start of the party.

A deposit of $100 must be paid in order to hold your date. This deposit is non-refundable for any reason excepting changes in government regulations. If government regulations change in such a way that they make your private rental impossible to carry-out in the way that was agreed upon in this contract, you will be refunded in full (for example: changes in capacity).

ALL guests must complete a waiver prior to entering the premises. The easiest is to tell your guests to complete the waiver online at any time before the party.

Outside Food
Our rentals are DIY (Do it Yourself) to allow for the most flexibility for guests. You may cater in or bring whatever food and drinks your party would like. You are responsible for all dishes and cutlery – these must be plastic or paper. Absolutely NO GLASS dishes or any other highly breakable items allowed.

Beverages – Cold
Every guest at the party will receive one complimentary drink (juice or water). You may bring in your own additional drinks or purchase them at the cafe. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL allowed.

Beverages – Hot
Coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, teas and flavored steamed milk beverages can also be purchased individually at the time of the party at regular prices (these range from $1.59-$3.09, depending on beverage).

Table Decorations
You may bring in your own tablecloths, cutlery, dishes, balloons and other decorations with no upcharge. Table Decorations
Please be aware that we will not allow glass or other breakable items inside.


All guests must have clean socks. No shoes or bare feet. This includes all adults.

Guests may purchase socks from The Park YXE, if they forget to bring their own.


If you have any other requests or things that you would like brought/done inside the premises which have not been covered in this document you must inform us and ask for permission a minimum of 48hrs in advance. Permission must be given in writing (email is sufficient). Guests who state they were “told” they could do/bring something inside, will not be accommodated.

*Aggressive guests and dangerous, abusive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. Should you or your guests become abusive, destructive or a danger to themselves or others, they may be asked to leave the premises and the private party may be cancelled as it is happening. Should a party be cut short while it is happening due to aggressive, abusive, destructive or dangerous behaviour, no refund will be given and the host may be charged for damages incurred.

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