Private Rentals

We are happy to continue to accommodate private rentals. At this time, days and times are generally on-demand. Please contact us regarding needs and availability. Due to the constantly evolving situtation around Covid19, which includes often changing regulations, we prefer not to book rentals more than a month in advance. The below information may be updated as regulations change. If you choose to book a rental and regulations change prior to the date of your rental (in a way that will negatively impact your rental), we will always contact you and give you the option of cancelling with full refund.

Homeschooling/parent groups etc…: We provide discounts for homeschooling and parent groups.

BUBBLE RENTALS – For Groups of 5 or Fewer: If you prefer to play only in your own family group and don’t need more than an hour, we will accommodate private rentals for groups of 5 persons or fewer for $50/1hour. *1 hour maximum per rental (i.e. you cannot rent for 3 hours at $50/hour). Rentals over 1 hour, or with 6 or more individuals are subject to the regular rental rates.

Private rentals are also available outside of regular opening hours. Contact us for more information.